About Me

Hello all,

My name is Christian and I’m concerned about climate change and the drastic impacts it can have on our Earth. While a large portion of the outcome will come from large corporate changes via laws, rules, and regulations, I firmly believe as individuals we can help.

Outside of this blog, I also work full-time for the government that is responsible for ensuring we have access to clean air and water. As my career expands, I realize that I have access to information that the common person doesn’t readily have available to them.

Some corporations have already started making the adjustment to help with climate change, and have started producing products that are either environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, water-efficient, or help with climate change.

I would encourage all of us to use these kinds of products as it rewards the corporations and manufacturers for taking a stance against climate change and taking action to help prevent it.

With this blog, I hope to shed a bit of light on climate change and how it affects all of us. I will also share common products that we can all use to help the effort.