5 Best Tall Solar Tiki Torches

There is something about tiki torches that catches the eye and produces just the right amount of ambiance for any patio, garden, walkway, or high-traffic area. Easy to install, affordable, and exquisite, tall solar-powered tiki torches are an absolute must for those looking to add a certain bit of charm and decor to their outdoors.

The best tall solar tiki torches will illuminate any path providing enough light to see where you’re walking, avoid any potential dangers, as well as be tall enough to brighten the area or create a boundary.

CliffsNotes of tall tiki torches

Here is a quick table to help you choose which solar tiki torch might fit your needs.

BrandTomCareYoungPowerNewhouseCamabelFlickering Flame
Max Height43 inches42.9 inches60 inches56 inches55 inches
MaterialABS PlasticPlasticPlasticStainless SteelMetal
Quantity4 pack1,2,42,4,84 pack2 or 4

Depending on the amount of natural light available, a shorter tiki torch might only illuminate the ground. If you need to look inside a wallet, purse, or just see who’s coming towards you, a taller tiki torch will provide enough light to recognize faces, as well as illuminate more than just the ground.

Add in the fact that solar-powered tiki torches are able to put out just the right amount of light to provide mood lighting without increasing your power bill, or even the potential dangers of fire itself. There’s no denying that fire has an undeniable appeal to both adults and kids, but unfortunately, kids don’t always appreciate the danger of what a little fire can do.

This is where a tall solar tiki torch can replace the potentially dangerous and more costly (if electrically-powered) tiki torches.
Depending on how much illumination you want and the height you desire I’ve put together a list of the best total solar tiki torches available on the market.

Cost Savings of Solar Powered Tiki Torches

To figure out how much money you can save per year by switching to solar-powered tiki torches, check out this solar savings calculator. Simply input the number of watts you’re removing from your electric bill, along with the number of hours your solar lights will be working, and the calculator will automatically show you how much you’ll be saving daily, monthly, and yearly.

Tall Solar-Powered Tiki Torches

TomCare (Editor’s Choice)

1) TomCare Solar Lights – The top of the list are these TomCare solar lights. They are a great height for illuminating any walkway but are tall enough to put out a suitable amount of light to see anything above your waist. Providing 12 hours of light, you’ll even be able to use them year-round when the nights are the longest. With 4.5 stars you can see why others are loving them. The flickering light emitted looks just like the real thing.

Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting
  • Gets a full charge after only 8 hours
  • Weather resistant


2) YoungPower Landscape Solar Torch Lights – Next on the list is these adjustable solar-powered tiki torch lights by YoungPower. Available as a single, double, or 4-pack you can get the right amount of tiki torches for any occasion. With a max height of 42.9 inches, you’ll be able to light the path and area for complete illumination.

Features and Benefits

  • A 1-year warranty
  • Flickering light looks just like the real thing
  • Eco-friendly and cost-efficient

Newhouse (Budget Friendly)

3) Newhouse Lighting Solar Tiki Torch – Create the perfect tropical island atmosphere with the Newhouse Lighting Solar Island Torches! These great-looking torches are powered by the sun so you can have an awesome looking space without the hassle of traditional torches. There are no dangerous flames or oils to mess with, simply put together the poles and place where you like for a mood-enhancing glow. The dusk-to-dawn functionality automatically turns your torches on when dusk hits and back off again when it’s light out.

Features and Benefits

  • Extends to 5′ tall
  • Available in 2, 4, and 8 packs
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


4) Camabel 56″ Tall Solar Torch Lights – With two lighting effects this solar tiki torch is great for any occasion. Their beautiful design will look stunning on your deck or grouped in planters around your house for a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, these solar lights are equipped with auto on and off sensors so you don’t have to worry about that when you’re enjoying your outdoor space and guests.

Features and Benefits

  • Max height of 56″
  • 2 lighting effects for multi-use
  • Rust resistant finish so great for all 4 seasons

Flickering Flame (Runner Up)

5) Flickering Flame Solar Flame Lights – The solar garden light is no longer its single attribute. The chic torches’ shape and light and storable features have made it more than just patio torches. Great for pathway lights, led yard lights, or garden space. Also, it can be the perfect lawn outdoor light pole. When you go out for camping and adventures, you can put them in the car, hold a campfire party at any time, or just create a peaceful ambiance.

Features and Benefits

  • Max height of 55″
  • Three adjustable heights for any use
  • The design is suitable for weddings, parties, home gardens, all festivals, and can be more easily matched with other decorations

Buying Guide for Tall Solar Tiki Torches

Height of tall solar tiki torch

The most important factor will likely be how tall or short you want your solar tiki torch. If you have certain height requirements be sure to check the max height of the above-mentioned solar tiki torches. A majority, if not all of them will have adjustable heights, and some even have additional stakes you can buy to make them even taller.

Style of solar tiki torches

The good thing about solar-powered tiki torches is they come in a wide array of styles. The traditional bamboo looking torch to modern-looking torches are available. Consider what will be the most common use, and select based on the situation. Some of the above-mentioned solar tiki torches have a steady light, a flickering light, or an option to use either. If you’re looking to mimic the real tiki torch without having the actual flame, a flickering flame solar torch might be your best option.

Durability of tall solar light

Solar tiki torch lights are designed to be used outside, which means they’ll be exposed to the outdoor elements. Water-proof is one thing, but kids running around, pets tromping around, and possible love-taps from gardeners, lawnmowers, or any general lawn care machinery. The solar tiki torches above are made from a variety of materials, so pick one that will withstand whatever your situation may throw at it.

Affordability of solar-powered torches

At some point, the price point will come into play. The good thing is, that a lot of the tiki torches come in a variety of packs. Some are single, doubles, or 4-packs. Consider the number of tall tiki torches you’ll need and use a brand that will allow you to buy just the right number of tiki torches. This will help keep the cost to a minimum and stay within your budget.

Tips for using tall solar-powered tiki torches

  1. Optimal Placement: Place your solar-powered tiki torches in areas that receive ample sunlight during the day. This ensures that the solar panels can charge the internal batteries effectively. Avoid shading them with trees, structures, or other objects that might obstruct sunlight.
  2. Clean Solar Panels: Regularly clean the solar panels on the tiki torches to maximize their charging efficiency. Dust, dirt, and debris can reduce the amount of sunlight absorbed, leading to weaker illumination at night. A gentle wipe with a damp cloth can keep the panels clear.
  3. Switch Off When Charging: Some solar-powered tiki torches come with an ON/OFF switch. When you’re charging the torches in direct sunlight, consider turning them off to allow the solar panels to focus entirely on recharging the batteries.
  4. Adjust Lighting Mode: Many solar tiki torches offer different lighting modes, such as steady illumination or flickering flame effects. Experiment with these modes to find the one that suits your ambiance and conserves energy for longer operation.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Inspect your solar tiki torches periodically for any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Replace any parts that might be deteriorating to ensure safe and effective operation. If the torches have replaceable rechargeable batteries, consider changing them every 1-2 years for optimal performance.

Most of the tiki torches are made of either plastic or metal. While they all tout a certain amount of weather-proofing, you can extend the life by putting them away when not in use. Just like any plastic, if they are left out in the sun, over the years, the plastic can become brittle and more likely to break if hit.

Wrapping up tall solar tiki torches

Solar-powered tiki lights offer a variety of options when decorating your outdoor space. With their simple design and installation, anyone can set them up and put them to use after reaching a full charge.

They are eco-friendly, use a renewable energy source and will help keep your electric bill down. The backyard, patio, walkways, and gardens are beautified with solar powered tiki torches. They create a hypnotic ambiance sure to set the mood for any occasion. When you choose to use solar-powered tall tiki torches, you’re leaving a smaller carbon foot print while still providing a practical use.

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