8 Solar Powered Innovations & Products

A Reliable Energy Source

Ever since the discovery of fire, humankind has been on a quest for sustainable methods of generating, storing, and distributing energy. This journey has led us through a historical trajectory encompassing inventions like wheels, gears, coal mining, oil extraction, and even the development of nuclear reactors. But could the answer to our energy needs have been present for eons, waiting to be recognized?

Imagine a star at the heart of our solar system, emitting a continuous, clean, and renewable stream of energy. This phenomenon, solar energy, is not a recent revelation. In fact, all life on Earth owes a portion of its existence to the sun’s energy. Solar energy has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of clean and renewable energy sources, particularly as our planet grapples with the detrimental effects of pollution stemming from the combustion of fossil fuels, ultimately contributing to global warming.

The viability of transitioning to a solar-powered world has been a subject of extensive research. As far back as 1987, when climate change was first recognized as a global concern, the aspiration was for international collaboration among governments to address this shared challenge. Unfortunately, bureaucratic hurdles have hindered substantial cooperation, underscoring the complexity of addressing climate change on a large scale. Consequently, effective collective action has been limited.

Taking up the mantle of progress, smaller government entities, action committees, and those invested in advancing clean energy solutions have stepped forward. Cities, states, and federal systems have become testing grounds for climate change policies, exploring strategies like carbon taxes, rebates, financing mechanisms, public-private partnerships, and streamlined permitting processes for renewable energy initiatives.

Organizations like Ecotality have calculated that the sun radiates around 10,000 times more energy than humanity requires to power civilization beyond basic biological needs. The challenge, therefore, lies in harnessing this abundant energy resource.

Forward-thinking nations like the UAE are at the forefront of integrating solar energy into their energy production systems, exemplified by their extensive solar panel fields.

Beyond its eco-friendly and renewable nature, solar energy boasts numerous advantages:

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Diminishing dependence on fossil fuels such as oil, which has the potential to ease international tensions linked to these resources.
  • Serving as an investment opportunity rather than a mere expense in the context of utility bills.
  • Generating employment opportunities for solar panel manufacturing and maintenance personnel.
  • Offering installation flexibility, with solar panels deployable on rooftops, building sides, desert areas, and more.
  • Incurring minimal maintenance costs due to the durability of solar panels.

The virtually boundless benefits of solar power are most pronounced when the utilization of solar energy extends to individual households. This is precisely why this article will explore eight solar-powered products designed for residential and general usage, highlighting their potential to bring about positive change.

Solar Powered Products For The Home

It is possible to have a house powered by the sun! Consider a few examples of solar-powered appliances that can be useful in and around the house:

Solar-powered generators. By converting solar energy to electrical potential energy stored in batteries using AC converters, solar-powered generators can help you to fully harness energy from the sun. Devices like the Goal Zero 150WH Generator and Solar Panel can power up small devices like laptops, mobile devices, and lights. More powerful generators may even power television sets and refrigerators.

Solar-powered lanterns. These are growing in popularity in many parts of Africa where power cuts are the norm of the day. Equipped with portable solar panels that constitute the charging system, these lanterns have a battery-life that is several times longer than their charging time. The Pearlstar Solar Lantern, for example, can last up to 8 hours on a full charge.

Solar-powered floodlights. Outdoor lighting can spike your electric bill. Turning to solar-powered lighting for your yard means the lights can charge by day and illuminate by night. Many such outdoor lights also come with motion detection, both as a security feature and to minimize energy wastage.

Solar-powered emergency kits. You never know when power grids could go down, or worse yet, access to power goes out for extended periods of time. If you’re ever in real trouble these power boxes can be a lifesaver. Click here to learn more about emergency preparedness.

Solar-powered fountains. Since fountains are located outside, one has an ideal opportunity to harness the energy from the sun to power pumps. Regardless of whether the outdoor fixture is a bird-bath, fountain, or pond, using solar energy to power the fountain not only saves energy, but it also acts as a safety measure. The combination of conventional electrical cables and water can, with neglect, become dangerous, and using solar power instead greatly reduces this risk.

Solar-powered mobile chargers. Charging while on the go is a priority for nearly anyone who travels. While conventional power banks limit you to their storage capacity, solar-powered chargers know no limits! Beyond travels, solar-powered chargers can prove to be extremely handy in the event of power shortages, perhaps during some emergency, or when one is engaging in outdoor activities.

Solar-powered backpack. Backpacks are great for hiking, school, or carrying loads of stuff around. Never miss an opportunity to harness the power of the sun and charge your portables with a solar-powered backpack. Should you not want to carry around the aforementioned solar-powered mobile charger, for example, having a bag that can do the job just as well is a sure-fire workaround to the dilemma.

Solar-powered Bluetooth speaker. This last entry on our list comes as contributions of solar power to media and entertainment. Typically, the life of Bluetooth speakers alternates between charging and playing audio. Having a solar-powered speaker means that you can charge as you play, every time. Of course, regular speakers may still produce better quality audio, but the difference will by no means ruin the listening experience for you.

Conclusion of Solar Power

Turning to solar energy is a powerful weapon against the rampant effects of energy-related pollution being seen around the world. Not only is solar energy cleaner, but it is also renewable, and thus a powerful weapon against the depletion of fossil fuel reserves present on the earth today.

When we turn to solar energy, we save huge amounts of money and find that much of the equipment necessary for harvesting and harnessing solar energy pays for itself in the future. Such a turn, however, need not start from a governmental level, it should start from a household level. There are many products, some of which we have seen, that go a long way towards cutting down that bill and reducing the reliance on non-renewable sources of energy.

Whether it is to charge a phone or to stay warm, we need to continue to bask in the security of using a reliable, clean, and renewable resource – solar energy.

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