What Is The Most Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioner?

The climate is changing and the Earth is getting hotter. There’s really no denying it. And if you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely miserable if you’re sitting inside your house and it’s hot. You can try a fan, or you can sip on ice water, and you may even hose down the roof or your house, so the heat is drawn out of your house as it evaporates.

But when it comes to laying in bed or on the couch and it’s too hot to even sleep or take a nap, that’s when you know it’s time to get a window air-conditioner.

The most energy-efficient window air conditioner will cool a room it’s designed for while emitting zero to little noise, is affordable, and meets the specifications for Energy Star standards.

If you’ve ever owned or used a window a/c unit you know they’re not great on energy efficiency. In fact, they can be quite expensive to run. The good news is, manufacturers have modernized these units to make them energy-efficient air conditioners. To the point, Energy Star certification is a big thing when searching for energy-efficient a/c units.

The energy savings comes from the blower unit. In the older models, the blower fan would run constantly, and the actual a/c would only kick on when the thermostat registered high enough. The newer models run similarly, but you can set the blower fan to be turned off.

This ability to have the blower off provides you savings. But the advantages of energy-efficient window air conditioners don’t’ stop there. Here are a few more reasons why switching to a low energy air conditioner is a great idea.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioners

  • Smaller carbon footprint – using a window a/c unit that saves energy is conserving energy, which leaves a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Higher quality units – the units these days are built to higher specs and put out less noise, run cheaper and are more effective.
  • Better features – the energy-efficient a/c units come with auto-reminders to swap filters, some have remote controls, and a variety of display features.
  • Quieter Units – with better insulation and higher quality parts, high-efficiency air conditioners run at a lower decibel level.

Ratings for Window Air-Conditioners

Like most products, everything has a rating to show efficient or effective it is. Window air-conditioners are no exception. The best energy-efficient window air conditioners tend to have either a CEER rating or a EER ratings.

This is the new energy rating. It stands for “combined energy efficiency rating” and measures the EER, or “energy efficiency rating” plus the energy the unit uses when plugged in but not running. Side note, if you didn’t know this already if you’re not using an appliance, unplug it. The higher the EER rating the better the performance and cooling ability of the model. For example, an 11 EER will use more energy than a 13 EER unit.

Features to Consider for Window Air Conditioners


One of the first things you need to look at is the size the unit is designed to cool. These are commonly measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). A unit putting out 5,000-6,000 BTU’s will cool a small room, while a unit putting out 12,000 BTU’s will cool a larger room. For a quick reference here is a chart matching the square footage to the BTU output.

A small unit is designed for 5,000-6,000 BTU per hour, a medium unit is designed for 7,000-8,000 BTU’s per hour and a large unit is 9,000-12,000 BTU’s per hour.

Ease of Use

I recall using an older model and I’m pretty sure it had either a high and low setting or maybe it had three different levels, but that was back then. The models of today have a few more bells and whistles, but the good thing is, the bells and whistles are incorporated to help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Some models have remote controls, auto filter maintenance reminders, digital displays, and some are Wi-Fi capable. Most of these are there to help make sure the unit is running at optimum efficiency. Depending on your needs and wants, figure out which of these kinds of features will work for you.

Price Point

It would be dismissive to think that price doesn’t come into play here a bit. Depending on the size of the space you need and the features you want, you can pick out a unit without overspending. There’s not much use in getting a unit that puts out a large amount of BTU’s if you only need a unit for a small garage or office. Use the chart above to help guide you along.

Most Energy Efficient Window A/C Units


1) Frigidaire Energy Star – On hot, humid days, Frigidaire’s Energy Star 6,000 BTU window-mounted air conditioner quickly cools a room up to 250 square feet. Ready-Select electronic controls allow you to set the comfort level to your preference, while a convenient temperature-readout displays the set temperature. A full-function remote control allows you to precisely control the temperature and fan speed from across the room. The multi-speed fan features three different speeds for cooling flexibility and the 6-way comfort control design allows you to easily direct the air where you want it. The washable filter with front, tilt-out access captures dust from the air to keep your air conditioner working efficiently. Plus, low power start-up conserves energy and saves you money.

Features and Benefits

  • 3 different fan speeds for perfect optimization
  • A built-in timer lets you set it and come back to a cool room
  • Remote control lets you adjust without having to get up
  • Great for a small room, office, or den
  • Available in bigger sizes for larger rooms

LG Dual Inverter (Editor’s Choice)

2) LG Dual Inverter Window A/C Unit –  With this Energy Star unit, you won’t have to worry about wasting loads of energy figuring out your electric bill. Control the temperature of your room with just a push of a button. The stylish remote control is easy to use and allows you to cool down from across the room. You’ll also have a choice of 3 cooling and fan speeds along with Auto Restart, which automatically turns the unit back on after a power outage—so you don’t have to. With a name like LG you know you’re getting one of the best.

Features and Benefits

  • Remote control lets you control the speed and temperature without having to get up to adjust
  • Multiple fan speed allows you to set it just how you want it
  • Wi-Fi capable lets you program and control with ease
  • Dual Inverter prevents the on/off occurrence, reducing energy use. See below:


3) Friedrich Air Chill Series – Friedrich Chill series air conditioners are energy efficient and easy-to-handle. The programmable timer plus the MoneySaver setting helps manage energy use and reduce costs. With capacities from 5200 to 23000 Btu/h and the Auto Air Sweep feature, Chill can evenly cool a single room or a large open space. Customers are saying they love how quiet the unit is.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in multiple BTU outputs so you can avoid over spending
  • Ultra-quiet unit allows you to have a conversation without yelling
  • Filters are washable makes for easy cleaning and performing at optimal efficiency
  • Remote control allows for easy adjustments from across the room

Homelabs (Budget Friendly)

4) Homelabs Window A/C Unit – If budget is your middle name, then for the price this window a/c unit might be just for you. It features a lot of the same accessories as some of the big-name brands, but at a fraction of the cost. With customers rating this at 4.5 out of 5 stars, you know they’re pleased with their purchase. With comments like “works great“, and “very quiet” they should do the trick.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple cooling modes including an Eco mode to save energy
  • Remote control to make switching temperatures and speeds super easy
  • Quick and easy installation makes getting a cooler room that much faster

5) Midea U Inverter Window A/C Unit – last but certainly not least on my list is the 8,000 BTU unit made by Midea. Receiving the highest energy efficiency rating from Energy Star in 2020. This Midea unit is the first-ever U shaped design allowing you to open or close the unit while it’s installed. The innovative design makes installation very easy, and the ability to close the window isolates the noise outside making it ultra-quiet.

Features and Benefits

  • U shape design lets you open and close the window
  • With the unit outside of the window, it is ultra-quiet making it great for rooms with a lot of conversations
  • The powerful airflow can be felt from 20 feet away, making it feel refreshing.
  • It’s smart device compatible making managing the unit super easy and efficient

Tips on Lowering Cooling Costs

While the units above can do their part to keep you cool, there are a few other things you can do to compliment the unit, which can save you even more money, and save on energy usage. See if you can do any of the following:

  • Use a fan. Using ceiling fans allows you to increase the thermostat 4 degrees without affecting your comfort.
  • Insulate your attic, seal cracks and openings to prevent warm air from getting inside.
  • Don’t heat your house with appliances. On hot days try using a grill to keep the room cool.
  • Install energy-efficient window coverings that allow light in, but prevent solar gains.
  • Use bathroom fans and hood fans when cooking. These will help get rid of heat and humidity.
  • Regularly clean and replace your unit’s filters for optimum use and efficiency.

Conclusion of Best Energy Saving Window Air Conditioners

The inefficient window a/c units of yesterday are gone and for good reason. The higher quality and more energy-efficient units make owning and operating them easier on the pocketbook as well as the environment.

A majority of the units above are designed for small to medium-sized rooms. The more BTU’s the unit puts out the less efficient it is. The aforementioned window a/c units offer a wide arrange of units designed to fit just the amount of space you need to cool.

The floor plan of the space you’re trying to cool will also have an impact. If you have an open floor plan a larger BTU unit will do the job, whereas in a space with several smaller rooms, a few of the smaller units might be needed. Currently, the most environmentally friendly window ACs are those with Energy Star efficiency and higher EER’s. Energy conservation is becoming a big talking point with manufacturers, and I personally like to reward those buy purchasing their products. I hope you take it into consideration too.

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